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  • ...s in his 1837 address to the Senate entitled “Speech on the Reception of Abolition Petitions” that Calhoun contributed to the development of the South’s p
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  • ...d excesses of capital punishment, with several states pursuing the path of abolition by the mid-nineteenth century. Over the past quarter century, though, the U ...cause of genuine doubts about congressional power to so regulate. Judicial abolition, on the other hand, remains a real possibility, especially if the extreme r
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  • ...|Constitution]] was ratified, he wrote an antislavery treatise; ultimately abolition would prove necessary for deepening the union into one of equally free and
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  • ...constitutionally impermissible at the national level), for legislating the abolition of state and local government patronage systems for staffing government job
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  • ...dominance, high tariffs, and public land policy. These concerns led to the abolition of property qualifications for voting, the end of the caucus system, greate SEE ALSO: [[Abolition]]; [[Adams, John]]; [[Admission of New States]]; [[Charles River Bridge Com
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  • ...e it through the Senate. Even those Southerners who hoped for the eventual abolition of slavery opposed the legislation in the name of sectional balance. In Jan SEE ALSO: [[Abolition]]; [[Admission of New States]]; [[Clay, Henry]]; [[Louisiana Purchase]]; [[
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  • ...ranted black men the right to vote, the women who had been involved in the abolition movement felt betrayed because they were denied the right to vote, despite
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