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  • * [[Admission of New States]] * [[Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)]]
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  • ...of the three, serving as the receptacle for a number of different concerns of the Republican-dominated thirty-ninth Congress that adopted the amendment. === PROVISIONS OF THE AMENDMENT ===
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  • ...that race, creed, color, and/or national origin are ignored in the process of hiring and retaining employees. a year, Johnson believed that it was working to level the playing field of employment, since many minorities had long been hobbled by racism and racis
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  • ...rcumstances. The issues addressed in these several laws included the types of prohibited practices, entities to which the legislation applied, age limits ...nto their Fair Employment Practices Acts. By 1967, 24 states had some form of prohibition against age bias in the workplace.
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  • ...d “their duty” to “throw off such Government” in the [[Declaration of Independence]] (1776). The words “We the people” that begin the U.S. Co ...d as part of “We the people” because they were only “three-fifths” of a person and hence not whole enough to be citizens.
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  • intervene in lawsuits where persons alleged denial of equal protection of the laws under the [[Fourteenth Amendment]] to the [[U.S. Constitution]]. ...the bill passed the House Judiciary Committee in October, but by the time of Kennedy’s assassination (November 22, 1963), it was buried in the House R
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  • planners, and supporting personnel, although the staff of councils of governments situated in metropolitan areas are typically significantly larg ...largely the product of local initiative, and enjoyed only a limited amount of federal support and virtually no support from their respective states.
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  • a citizen of two, or even more, nations. Finally, one can be a citizen of an indigenous group such as Native American tribes. In many respects, then, ...he extension of federal court jurisdiction to disputes between “citizens of different states” (Article III, Section 2).
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  • ...licy since the 1960's, public education remains the primary responsibility of state and local government. ...and court decisions on funding disparity among districts, a growing number of states play a primary fiscal role.
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  • ...rictly dividing power, the American federal system allocates to each level of government considerable authority to regulate elections conducted by the ot ...though the [[Seventeenth Amendment]] replaced this system in 1913 with one of direct popular election.
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  • ...of Sputnik (the first orbiting satellite) which underscored the importance of education (and in particular science and engineering). ...1964]], however—and particularly Title VI which outlawed the allocation of federal funds to segregated programs—would prevent federal education bill
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  • ...he constitutional clauses structuring the federal-state relationship, some of which are not very clear and some have been the basis for major controversi ...gained by clicking the hyperlinks in this entry and the topics at the end of this entry.
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  • ...nt governments in a manner designed to protect the existence and authority of all the governments. By requiring that basic policies be made and implement ...authentically federal systems and political systems that utilize elements of the federal principle, (4) mature and emergent federal systems, and (5) fed
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  • ...ce, color, or previous condition of servitude.” While it extended voting rights to African Americans across the nation, it faced a long road to actually be ...eed slaves and believed that voting rights would enable black Americans to act with political force. Finally, some Republicans believed that giving Africa
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  • ...restraint, and states’ rights–oriented decisions, that won him legions of judicial followers. ...write so many influential law books that he would become recognized as one of the foremost legal scholars in the United States.
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  • ...ked with Congress on these and other areas of domestic policy in his hopes of crafting his great society. ...for preschoolers and vocational training under the Job Corps. The Revenue Act in 1964 also aided the poverty war by cutting taxes by more than $10 billio
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  • ...created a short-lived coalition that led to the rapid passage of an array of new intergovernmental programs to carry out his vision. These programs prod [[File:Johnson, Lyndon B..png|thumb|Lyndon B. Johnson. Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.]]
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  • Development Act. As a centerpiece to his [[Great Society]] Program, the act planned to relieve urban blight, poverty, and hardship in America’s inner Central to the act was the Model Cities Program, which made sweeping changes to urban planning
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  • of a superior government may preempt completely and/or partially powers of one or more inferior governments or stipulate that a power is superseded on ...ty.” The section alternatively can be termed a restraint on the exercise of state powers.
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  • ...upreme Court and cabinet officers, recommending measures for consideration of Congress, and approving or vetoing the bills that Congress passes. College, or if there were a tie, the choice was to be made by the House of Representatives from among the five leading candidates, with each state hav
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