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  • ...tem. On June 28, 1955, the Commission presented its report to the Congress and the president. ...its interpretation of the intent of the framers, concluded that a balanced and cooperative approach to governance in the United States was expected, rathe
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  • ...coast to the other, from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada—without red lights and railroad crossings—gives credibility to democratic capitalism. all major urban areas are connected by interstate highways. The longest interstate route is I-90 from Seattle to Boston—3,020.54 miles.
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  • ...1998. The bill authorized federal highway, highway safety, public transit, and other surface transportation programs from 1998 to 2003 (the bill was later ...ny of its predecessor’s policies. One important difference between ISTEA and TEA-21 was the amount of money allocated: the original six-year reauthoriza
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  • 4.8 million people are employed directly by transportation industries, and nearly 13 million more are employed in transportation-related industries. ...ecent years, there have been several efforts to enhance the role of states and localities in American transportation policy making, especially in surface
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