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  • ...population. Thus, the towns (or constituent units) provided the basis for representation. The powers of the colonial government were specified in Article X (a precu
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  • ...1 provision). However, the amendment also provides that “the basis” of representation will be reduced “in the proportion” in which males 21 years of age and
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  • ...atist. In later years Franklin proposed to solve the latter danger through representation of Americans in the British Parliament, to enable joint management of the d ...No taxation without representation,” Britain began to think about giving representation in Parliament, but Americans were unwilling: they had grown sensitive to Br
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  • ...the United States, in Congress assembled.” Article V detailed methods of representation (no less than two and no more than seven delegates to be appointed annually ...efits of small and large republics, concluding that the scope and scale of representation could be designed to refine diverse, contested interests and define their c
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  • ...nated in the redrawing of legislative districts in every state and greater representation for both urban areas and African Americans.
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  • ...s Fifth Congressional District that applied the same principle (“equal representation for equal numbers of people”) to the U.S. House of Representatives.
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  • ...and those that focus on the long-standing inadequacies of criminal defense representation in southern jurisdictions.
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  • ...blish a uniform rule of Naturalization” (Article I, Section 8). Finally, representation in the House would be based upon a formula by which a state’s population
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  • ...Section 4] has conferred upon Congress exclusive authority to secure fair representation by the States in the [House of Representatives].” “Courts,” according
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  • ...states generally preferred a confederal approach where states enjoy equal representation in the legislature, as expressed in the [[New Jersey Plan]]. The Connecticu ...ravene. The Connecticut Compromise interjected federal elements (the equal representation of the states) into the national government and paved the way for other fed
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  • ...h, or some composite measure of state power and significance. Proportional representation was to prevail in both houses of the proposed legislature. ...verted to the Articles scheme of a unicameral legislature with equal state representation, selected by the state governments.
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  • ...type or combination of members. Invariably, councils guarantee core cities representation on the executive committee. While some councils provide members of the exec
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  • encompasses broad representation across a wide spectrum of educational
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  • they see fit. Most importantly, the clause requires states to apportion representation in the state legislature and in Congress according to a principle of one pe
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  • ...with representatives apportioned by population) and the Senate (with equal representation for each state).
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  • ...sidential nominees to the local judiciary, too, fueling demands for voting representation in Congress and even statehood, which Congress has so far refused, not only
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  • ...s) involved (Article IV, Section 3), and no state can be deprived of equal representation in the U.S. Senate without the state’s consent (Article V).
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  • ...rpetual covenant that guarantees the constituent parties their boundaries, representation in the national legislature, and certain local autonomies, such as their ow ...territorial democracy are greatly overshadowed by the neutrality of areal representation of functional interests, and they argue further that any other system devis
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  • ...d was prior to the idea of independence. He proposed in the 1760s colonial representation in London, which would have constituted an imperial parliament for managing ...en the colonies and Britain deepened, Americans came to reject the idea of representation in the British Parliament. Franklin, after urging the idea upon the British
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  • ...t these “political safeguards,” and particularly that of the states’ representation in the Senate, were sufficient constitutional safeguards of states’ right
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