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  • ...on]], pursuant to the [[Fourteenth Amendment]] [[Due Process|due process]] clause, affords a woman the right to choose abortion, within the context of permis ...];  [[Fourteenth Amendment]];  [[Health Care Policy]];  [[Interstate Commerce ]];  [[Medicaid ]];  [[Morality Policy]];  [[Reagan, Ronald]];  [[R
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  • * [[Commerce among the States]] * [[Commerce with Foreign Nations]]
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  • ...[[Commerce among the States|Commerce Clause]] and the Necessary and Proper Clause, to expand the power of legislation. The presidency has also expanded its p
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  • ...ould use none of these important powers to regulate interstate and foreign commerce. Following the War of Independence, many states erected barriers to trade w ...e [[Privileges and Immunities Clause: Article IV|Privileges and Immunities Clause]] was not yet what it would become, the nascent orientation to [[Dual Citiz
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  • ...rp. v. North Dakota'' (1992), which held that under the [[Dormant Commerce Clause]] states could not tax sellers that had no physical presence in the state. DORMANT COMMERCE CLAUSE
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  • ...3): 471–513; James W. Ely Jr., “3. The Taney Era,” in ''The Contract Clause: A Constitutional History'' (Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 2016), 5 ...LSO: [[Charles River Bridge Company v. Warren Bridge Company]]; [[Contract Clause]]; [[Dartmouth College v. Woodward]]; [[Fletcher v. Peck]]; [[Home Building
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  • ...n]]; [[Southern Railway Company v. Reid]]; [[Supremacy Clause: Article VI, Clause 2]]
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  • ...a cooperative effort to establish policies. The more broadly the commerce clause is read, the more the national government can affect the states. The ''Cart ...t pursuant to its power to regulate [[Commerce among the States|interstate commerce]]. The Carter Coal Company decided that it could not afford to opt out of t
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  • ...ess’s Commerce Clause power to exclude goods from shipment in interstate commerce, a power “expressly delegated to Congress.” Speaking for the dissenters ...' 1913)—both of which banned the shipment of noxious goods in interstate commerce—but denied congressional authority to ban the shipment of goods made by c
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  • ...e Court of the United States|U.S. Supreme Court]] interpreted the Contract Clause broadly to include public charters as well as private contracts between ind ...its 1785 charter constituted a contract within the meaning of the Contract Clause that was now being unconstitutionally interfered with.
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  • ...e, violating treaty obligations, and other measures. The power to regulate commerce, therefore, grew out of recognition of the need to create a national econom ...s. Most of their attention was on foreign trade, with little discussion of commerce among the states.
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  • ...stic analogue, in recent years, especially, the federal power over foreign commerce has been construed more broadly against and with less deference to [[federa ...wer, like its domestic counterpart, both drew upon cases involving foreign commerce, and continued to be invoked with similar results regarding state laws.
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  • ...definition of commerce or limits that the [[Tenth Amendment]] may place on commerce among the states. ...ecisions of the Court, which have also limited the reach of the power over commerce among the states and the Section 5 enforcement power of the [[Fourteenth Am
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  • ...Port of Philadelphia to hire a local pilot. States may regulate interstate commerce, said the Court in an opinion authored by Justice Benjamin Curtis, as long ...ent enjoying authority to impose taxes and regulate interstate and foreign commerce. Those who supported this reading feared interference with the autonomy ret
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  • ...e foreign affairs power, (2) that it violated the dormant Foreign Commerce Clause, and (3) that the state law was preempted by sanctions on Burma enacted at ...Refusing to reach the exclusive foreign affairs power and dormant foreign commerce arguments, Justice David Souter’s opinion for a unanimous court held that
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  • ...h the Indian tribes. The national government’s authority over interstate commerce includes responsibility for currency, weights and measures, patents and cop ...w with the passage of the Sherman Antitrust Act (1890), and the Interstate Commerce Commission Act (1887). In 1901 President [[Roosevelt, Theodore|Theodore Roo
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  • ...ship protected against state infringement by the Privileges and Immunities Clause of the [[Fourteenth Amendment]]. SEE ALSO: [[Dunn v. Blumstein]]; [[Privileges and Immunities Clause: Fourteenth Amendment]]
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  • provisions of the Fourteenth Amendment, among them the Equal Protection Clause. The Court made it clear in ''Fitzpatrick'' that Congress must clearly indi ...ent by ruling that the Commerce Clauses, in this case, the Indian Commerce Clause, did not authorize Congress to abrogate state immunity. Speaking for the ma
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  • ...eneral Welfare of the United States,” to regulate interstate and foreign commerce, and to declare war and raise and regulate military forces. These powers ar | ''Clause 1: The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts
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  • ...ntal policy has been grounded, primarily, in what is known as the Commerce Clause. To a lesser extent, the treaty, property, and spending powers have also be ...s commercial activities that clearly fall under the umbrella of interstate commerce. However, the constitutionality of federal environmental laws that regulate
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